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Subject:DDR Tourney
Time:09:07 pm
Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone was going to be competing in the ACUI (Association of College Unions International) Region 5 Recreation Tournament. Virginia Tech (the host school) has an Extreme Machine, so there will be a DDR competition. Here’s a list of schools that are members of the Region 5 ACUI:

SchoolsCollapse )
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Time:05:03 pm
So a few months ago, I was super excited because I found a DDR-type-thing that you didn't need a consol for. At school we all played ghettoly with my stepmania on my computer and boxes taped out on the floor, just playing for fun and never really keeping score, so I thoguht this would be a step up. I bought TV Pad from DDRGame.com and I just got it today. I want to cry. $50 for pure crap. The pad barely reads anything and the songs are midifiles, with atari-ish graphics. And according to their return policy, I can't return it because I already opened it and played it once. I'm probably going to keep it around to practice on when I get bored, but still. Arg. I'm so frustrated. Have any of you guys ever bought one of these?
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Subject:DDR for the cube
Time:04:13 am

Saved from a press release (released today), I plan on translating it later.

Some basic information: It's for the Gamecube.
1-2 players, no release date as of yet, NO AMERICAN RELEASE IS PLANNED.
Dancing characters and background videos are replaced with Mario characters.
There are original minigames (like in Festival, but not the Eyetoy ones)

Rough translation:

Konami Ltd. (The headquarters: Tokyo Marunouchi and president: Tskitskisei) and Nintendo Ltd. (The headquarters: the Kyoto City south district and president: Satoshi Iwata) jointly develop NINTENDO gamecube software "Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO", and will put it on the market from Nintendo Ltd. this summer.

Music game "Dance Dance Revolution" (hereafter, DDR) put on the market from Konami Ltd. aiming at the amusement facilities got support from a lot of users as "Dance simulation game" that was invented 1998. The commodity is put on the market by abundant variations as domestic game software, and the domestic total shipment number has arrived at 4.1 million at the following.
(As of December, 2004. )

In "Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO" developing now, a light feeling of "DDR" is an attractive content that the production only of Mario's outlook on the world can also loading fully enjoy whoever or more as it is.
Moreover, a lot of original mini games etc. are collected.

I will exhibit jointly in the Konami booth and the Nintendo booth in "Next generation world hobby fair 2005" hall of Shogakukan being held from January 16 to 4 places in the whole country.

- Brand name:「Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO」
- Corresponding model: NINTENDO game cube
- Sale schedule: Summer of 2005
- Price: Undecided
- Number of players: 1-2 person
- Additionally: special mat bundle.

Game screens
Mario dances. A fully loaded game screen Hammer Brothers and 2P fighting game screen original mini-game

Pictures have been removed from my server because people have hotlinked them.
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Subject:New Red Octane Pad
Time:03:52 am
I just got a new red octane pad for christmas, the one that works for both xbox and ps2. The only pad I've ever owned is the one that came with the first US mix for the ps1. So, I have a few questions. What is the purpose of these two holes: (looks like you can plug something in) http://lib1.store.vip.sc5.yahoo.com/lib/adux/REDOCTANEDUALHEAD.GIF

also, it came with a random cord that I have no idea what it's for. One end looks like a headphone jack, and the other end looks like something you could plug headphones into. This came in a seperate pack, and wasn't attached to the pad itself in anyway. Thanks for the help, and dealing with the stupid questions. :-P
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Subject:Is turning up the speed bad or not?
Time:07:44 pm
I was wondering what peoples feelings are on turning the speed up on songs(playing X1.5 or X2)

When I started to play heavy mode I would turn the speed up to make it easier to read after awhile I was able to do 9 foots on X2 speed but then someone told me that it was practically cheating, I never really thought so but to try and see what he was talking about I tried playing on normal speed and got knocked back down to 6 and 7 foot songs. It took me 4 months or so to get back to being able to do 9 foots and that was with A LOT of practice.

These days I hardly ever see anyone play without turning the speed up and it kind of annoys me because I think its a bad habit to get in to.
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Subject:DDR to-do list generator
Time:04:30 pm

This is something I whipped up a while ago. Basically, it allows you to put together a to-do list of songs based on the set of criteria specified. For example all songs with 10 or more missing DP or songs with scores that below 99%, etc.

You need to use a Mozilla-based browser for it to work due to the way table columns are interpreted. There is really no way around it since it would be a great pain in the ass to make it work for IE and frankly I have no interest in going such lengths for a program that's so fundamentally broken and out of date.

I tried, and gave up after concluding that it would be impossible to systematically extrapolate the information so don't ride my ass about the way it's implemented. This is primarily a personal tool, designed with user convenience in mind (my convenience, specicially) and now I'm sharing it with everybody else.

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Subject:Complete n00b looking for advice
Time:12:29 pm
Hello (insert random community new member message). I am 100% new to DDR and/or anything like this...

I've gone through the archives, and found some useful information. Unfortunately though, I couldn't find what I was looking for (maybe because I haven't learned the DDR "lingo"). I've just recently decided that I like "beat based" games, and I'm interested in trying one at home. I've never tried DDR or any flavor/variant thereof. I downloaded Stepmania and tried it over the weekend with a keyboard, and I've decided I need more than playing along with the keyboard. (I also need easier songs - you people with your 9-10 step levels are INSANE!)I've decided to try and get my daughter hooked on it as well - it'll be her birthday present. What I'm looking for is beginner pads and/or game suggestions. There seemes to be plenty out there, and I don't even know where to get started...

For me: I'm a 26 yr typical "hardcore" guy gamer (the type that has a hard time admiting to his friends that DDR sounds interesting). This will be my first experience on a "dance pad". I don't care if the DDR (or whatever) version is Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, PC (I have them all). I would like a pad that I could use on my PC as well, as the idea of importing custom songs is very cool. I have hardwood floors in any room I would use this in, so carpeting is not an issue (although I'll probably need footwear suggestions as the only thing I put on my feet now is platform combat boots).

For my daughter: She'll be turning 8 shortly and lives with older kids who can (most likely) teach her the basics. The only problem is there doesn't seem to be many pads that are PC based and she doesn't have a console. They don't have the PC skills to load up Stepmania and download songs, and I can't seem to find anything that is strictly PC based. All the info I can find is for advanced users who have gotten tired of the PS2 version and are looking for more. I'd love to get her some sort of starter kit that included basic songs and such. The pad would be used mostly on carpet and mostly by her and the other kids (all under 13). I'd hope to start with a basic pad for her that comes with a PC based game, and if she shows interest, I can upgrade later. (Although buying a PS2 for her isn't out of the question, it'd just strain my budget a little more than I'm comfortable with right now.) So....

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could offer advice about which pads or game packages would be best for those who have never tried DDR before.
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Subject:Making your own steps
Time:07:08 pm
Hi everyone! I just recently joined this community, and I need some help about making my own steps on Stepmania. I got the song loaded and everything, and I'm at the part where you enter the steps, but since I can't listen to the music while I put in the steps, my arrows are completely out of sync with the music. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem? Help is greatly appreciated! ^^

I don't believe this topic is in the memories, but if it is, I apologize and feel free to delete this post.
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Subject: ITG Kit?
Time:10:50 am

Okay... wtf is ITG Kit? I keep hearing people talking about it, and apparently there's one at Rocky's in Orlando, so can someone give me a link to it? I don't even know what ITG stands for so when I tried to research it I got links to things like "Virtual Frog Dissection". o.0....

And does ANYONE here live near Greenville, S.C. and know where I DDR machine is?!?!?! I just moved about 2 months ago and I have yet to see even an arcade.

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Time:10:09 pm
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Um, just to ask...
To anybody who can do 10-footers, what are some specific things you did to prepare yourself to do 10-footers? Did you exercise to get more stamina, or do specific songs to prepare, etc.?
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Subject:dry throats?
Time:10:53 am
Current Mood:coldcold
Thank you all for the help on my last post ^_^.
Okay, next question. I've noticed that when I play, my throat feels really dry after a couple of songs, so I have to intake water more frequently. Is that normal, by any chance?
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Subject:DDR in Worcester MA and Worcester Polytechnics Institute
Time:03:38 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
I am strongly considering (and am in the process of applying to) going to Worcester Polytechnics Institute. I was curious about the DDR community around there. According to DDRFreak there is one machine in an arcade in Worcester.

Now my question is: Is anyone who reads this from Worcester, or going to WPI? If so, can you tell me if there is any reasonable community of DDR players there? (By reasonable, I mean in terms of how many, not skill level). Finally, if you go to WPI, are there any other DDR players at WPI? It seems like the kind of school where there might be a reasonable number of geeks into DDR.

Thank you for your time.
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Subject:my ddr tattoo!
Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
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Time:09:33 pm
Current Mood:groggygroggy
I've been playing for almost 4 months, and I'm at the point where I can do some 9-footers without that much difficulty. But my problem is, I almost never use crossovers unconsciously, making some songs a bit harder to pass. Are there any tips I can use to make myself use crossovers more frequently?
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Subject:Shoes and carpet playing questions
Time:03:14 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I did a browsing in the memories and didn't see any of these questions answered. So here goes.

First off, what is so bad about playing with shoes on a soft mat? I keep hearing everywhere, "Don't play with shoes on; it will ruin your mat," but never any explanation why. Can someone enlighten me on this?

Second, I've got some "jazz" dancing shoes: they're pretty much just thin leather with a thin piece of rubber under the heel and ball of the foot. I don't know why shoes are bad for the mat to begin with so I don't know why these type of shoes would be any different than playing with socks on.

Third, how does one improve play ability of pads on carpet? Are heaving Cobalt Flux metal pads likely to slip on carpet? Does the "rubber shelf lining" work for soft pads?

Thanks in advance.
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Subject:Afronova Re-venge help
Time:06:53 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I'm pretty decent at DDR, and over the past few months, I've gotten to a point where I can play almost anything in Heavy/Maniac and pass it (even with a shitty grade) with a bit of practice (at least the songs on my games, obviously there is still much for me to learn), but there's one step pattern that never ceases to perplex me. It occurs in more than one song, but for the sake of practicality, I will refer to the well known song "Afronova" (re-venge mix). Overall, I can do the song, but this one part always causes me to fail simply due to missed steps. It occurs directly before the "chorus" (air-time jumping part) in the heavy/maniac mode. Is there a specific trick to learning it, or perhaps some tips to learn it?
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Subject:DDR Community in Western Massachusetts
Time:08:45 pm
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
I live in Western Massachusetts, right around the Pittsfield Area, and I've been to the arcade in Pittsfield a couple of times (at Busters). However, every time I go there, and this might just be a coincidence, there are very few people playing DDR. Usually about 2-3 really good players and a couple of new, or intermediate, players (like me). I was wondering if anyone else frequents this area, and if there is a sizable community of DDR players here. Moreover, I was wondering whether it would be better to go the the mall in Lanesborough (right next to Pittsfield), instead of this arcade. Is a mall generally a better place to play DDR? I'd just really like to play with people that are at least a little bit better than me, but the people who are better than me play pretty exclusively with their close friends, and everyone else isn't quite as good as I am.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Subject:DDREXTREME Song List
Time:04:53 pm
I've compiled a list of the songs already available when you first play Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME @ here.

A seperate entry will be made here with the secret songs that I've unlocked.


There are [at least] 100 Missions in Mission Mode! You must unlock the first 50 to "unlock the hard targets"!
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Subject:Perfect Attack
Time:09:43 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
After 13 months of playing DDR, I'm (finally) starting to AA Maniac songs at the arcade. A, Cowgirl, Love Love Shine, Spin the Disc, and TwinBee all fell. Opening up extra stages feels so good.

Can anyone offer advice on improving my PA? If I can start AAing some 9 foot songs, I know that scoring SDGs on a 7 or 8 fot song won't be too far off.

And, as an aside, I think getting AAs is far more impressive the laboring yourself through PSMO.

Of course, to the few who can AA PSMO, you are teh awesome. ^^
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Subject:EMS UB Converter Problem
Time:07:21 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
I just recently got My CobaltFlux dance Pad, along with my EMS UB Converter.

I was excited to start dancing to songs on stepmania but for some reason when i dance it feels awkard. Like i have to hit the arrow 1/10 th of a second before hit its the arrows to get a perfect.

Im not sure if im imagining this but does anyone else have this problem?
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Subject:"Swing your arms big!"
Time:02:52 pm
I've been playing DDR for a bit over a year. I mainly play Standard/Heavy songs. I am a left-handed person, and while playing.. I notice that only my left arm is somewhat moving/swinging. My right arm usually remains still throughout entire songs.

Is this "natural"? If you're right-handed, does the same thing happen to you (but with your left arm being still)? And is there anything I can help to make this all seem less awkward while playing?
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Subject:Flash Beatz
Time:06:38 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Yesterday was an extremely good day. Not just because I got a B on Kakumei heavy. Not just because South Shore Bemani now has new machines of Beatmania 9th Style and Dance Freaks 2nd Mix. The thing that interested me the most was a mysterious new game called Flash Beatz.

On first look, it's just a big DDR solo machine with the diagonal arrows taken out. Meaning, four buttons for the hands. On second look, it looks just like DDR. Or rather, it looks just like Stepmania, interface and all. Going through the songs, many of them were well-known Stepmania-only tracks and fan mixes. At this point I am thoroughly confused. Confusion soon gave way to curiosity as I pawed through the apparently 1000+ songs, including many originals, j-pop/anime, eurobeat/parapara, and radio tracks I knew. Then curiosity gave way to utter amazement and amazing fun. Wow, my hands just wouldn't stop. It was a Stepmania lover's dream come true.

Now it's my job to find out who produced this game and how it's managed to find it's way into arcades. I seriously doubt Konami had any involvement. If anyone is familiar with FYE/South Shore Bemani in Bay Shore, NY, what can you tell me about the game's origins? Has anyone else seen this game in other arcades? Many thanks for your help ^_^

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Time:08:02 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Hello, I've been playing DDR for almost a year now (not regularly) and am on mostly Standard and a few Heavy songs. Someone brought up galloping in the song "Cowgirl". What is galloping and how do I recognize it? Also, is there any technique for galloping? What songs can I find this in?
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Time:12:38 am
Current Mood:crankycranky
Have any of you tried repairing your soft mat yourself? I found a guide describing how to splice the wiring, but it doesn't directly describe a repair job, just a mod.
I know I could just buy another cheapo soft pad for $20 bucks, but I'm really poor and cheap, and I don't want to buy something that will quickly break again, and I don't have the $50 to buy a BNS pad at this point.
So what do you think? My pad is totally unresponsive at this point (several of the lights don't light up when you step on it, and the PS2 doesn't recognize it at all. I've already cut it open...anyone have any tips?
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Subject:Yay! New Cobalt Flux pads!
Time:03:57 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
So today was spent just waiting for FedEx to arrive. They got here around 2:30 or so, earlier than I expected them but not as early as I was hoping.

I noticed something odd and entirely subjective while moving and unpacking them. While moving the boxes around before unpacking, they felt ok. Little heavy, but not unusual. While unpacking and subsequently moving the pads themselves, they felt heavier than the boxes did. My mind must be compensating for the box and going "Ah, this is about right." Once unpacked though, the pads themselves are about 1/3 the thickness of the box, so are much smaller yet the same weight, so my mind is going "Wow, these are heavy!" even though the weight hasn't really changed. Yes, I know, probably normal human behavior, but it struck me when I was moving stuff around that my views were different between packed and unpacked form. Interesting how the size / density of an item affects my (our?) perception of how heavy something is.

Let's see. After a quick session, my thoughts are:
1) I need to wear shoes while playing now
2) I definitely need to put the non-slip stuff they provided (3M Safety-Walk) on the bottoms
3) It's going to take a day or so to adjust to the different feel
4) Noise concerns

After reading the forums, it's not unexpected. The lexan panels do have edges that are somewhat sharp, so when a foot slides off the edge towards the floor, it is entirely possible to hurt your foot on the edge. Also, there are screws holding the lexan panels in place. Nothing pokey, but sure to become uncomfortable after jumping on them several times. Drawback is that there is definite slappy noise while playing in sandles (I was lazy an didn't want to go find socks). Since I wear my sandles loose enough that they slap in normal walking, much less jumping around, hopefully the noise will be lessened in shoes.

In doubles mode, the bar at least keeps them together somewhat. I'm slightly disappointed that the bar isn't a better anchor than it is, but it's acceptable and probably better for the long term life of the pads. Without the bar the smooth bottomside allows them to slide around quite nicely on carpet, much to the detriment of my playing and bare feet. They did ship each pad with 4 decent-sized squares of the 3M Safety-Walk non-slip material. Just need to flip'em over and stick it on. And make a note on where I can find more, since I have a feeling that in singles mode I may need more grip than the four pieces provide. I'll try it with what they provided first, but my 225 pounds jumping and twisting around generates a lot of force.

Play feel:
Very different from soft pads. No give at all so it's easier to launch yourself, similar to the arcade. Unlike the arcade however the buttons are as sensitive as soft pads. It doesn't require anywhere near as much force to trigger a button and keep it triggered during a hold.

It is odd not having any sort of feedback on where you are standing. The soft pads I used had raised buttons for the arrows. The arcade has the buttons recessed. Both give you a feel of where you are without having to look down. The CF was designed to support all dance games, not just DDR, so all buttons have the same feel. This is good if you want to alternate between Pump It Up (which uses diagonals and center), and DDR (which uses up/down/left/right). Not a major issue since once used to it, it will actually enhance your skills regardless of what is being played on since you have an innate feel for where you are in relation to the pad.

Definitely louder than soft pads, but that was expected. I'm not sure how much of it will carry to the downstairs to the neighbor though. I may have to move them up to the loft area if I get complaints.
Even with the different feel, my scores during the test session were decent and on par with what I routinely managed with soft pads. That bodes well and means I should improve rapidly as I adjust to the new feel.
One of the pads had a button that would rapid fire when I stepped on it. I swapped the control boxes, no difference, still happened and only on the one. Even after taking the one panel apart and cleaning it, it still behaved funny. I put in an email to the Cobalt Flux support team asking their advice.

While waiting for a response, I fiddled around some more and tried swapping the ports on the PS2. The oddness moved to the other pad! Well, that was different. I tried swapping the ports back, but the oddness was still on the second pad. The only thing left would be the extension cables, so I pulled them out of the mix.

That did it. Working perfectly. A short time later I stopped and checked my email and had a response from CF already (less than a couple hours had passed). They asked for some more information that I hadn't initially provided. I replied and let them know my findings, and a short time later got a response back that it occasionally happens. Apparently the electricity level on the front side of the control box is low, and occasionally the extension cable will cause a problem. Their solution is to get a generic DB15 extender and put it between the control box and the pad itself, since that side has more power to work with.

Bonus points to Cobalt Flux for their -very- quick response time. I expected a response next day, but I was hoping it would be faster.
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Subject:8th notes and spins
Time:08:55 pm
hey...i need some suggestions on how i can improve my play...the only thing that i'm having trouble with is consistently hitting 8th notes that are of the same direction all in a row if there are 3 or more....an example picture of this is behind the cut

picture cutCollapse )

all of the paranoias (on heavy) have some sort of 3 or more of the same direction notes that i just can't consistently hit and totally screw up my combo etc...so if anyone has suggestions on how i can improve this please enlighten me.

also...does anyone know of any songs to help me practice spins...i want to start doing them but i don't know what songs would be good to spin on.

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Subject:Advice on a DDR travel grant?
Time:02:41 pm
Hi, I'm Nicole and I just joined this community. I've been playing DDR for about a year and i'm completely addicted to it.
I want to post a rather complex set of questions to this commuity, since I think you are the only ones who can give me a range of intelligent answers.
I'm applying for a private grant through my school that will basically fund one year abroad while I pursue a creative interest. I will receive $22,000 to be out of the United States for one year; during that time, I cannot return to the US for any reason, I cannot stay with any relatives, or go anywhere where I've been before (but that's not a problem because I've never been out of the US). If I receive this grant, it will be awarded to me next year, beginning in June 2005.
What I really want to do is go to Japan and study the culture surrounding DDR, and then go to some westernized european country and study the japanese-gaming-culture influence on western youth. I want to present my findings in a digital video documentary format. I think the grant people might actually go for this, but in order to write a valid proposal, I need help!
One: do you think this is actually possible for me to do? I have never been outside of the US and I don't speak any Japanese. I will have to live in Japan for at least 4 months, I think, to get the kind of information/footage I need. A good friend of mine is a Japanese major and just returned from a year of study in Osaka, and has been giving me advice on living in Japan. He said that I would need to learn some Japanese before I go but it wasn't necessary to learn it to get around.
But I'm wondering...where would I live? Should I try to find someone to live with? Stay in a hostel for 4 months? Rent something?
Also, can I take my videocamera inside an arcade and film people playing DDR? Would they get offended or something?
And i have to ask... does anyone in this community live in Japan? And would you be willing to show me around/help me out/be my japanese buddy?
And then to the other part of my idea: the influence on the west. What would be a good place to carry this out? The UK? Ideally I would like to go somewhere where English is spoken as a main language, but it has to be somewhere where youth culture is prominent and, of course, somewhere with DDR.
Any advice/comments/questions/ideas welcome, thanks!
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Subject:A question to pose to the DDR community.
Time:09:33 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Have you ever had to put up with inconsiderate people kicking at your legs, stepping on your pad, or otherwise try to trip you up while you play at the arcade? If so, what do you do to cope with these people?
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Subject:MSN article
Time:04:07 pm
New games and shows get kids off the couch

Developing a video game that combines technology with exercise is trickier than creating a TV show that encourages children to break a sweat, according to Doug Lowenstein, president of Entertainment Software Association, an industry trade group.

“How many different types of games lend themselves to that experience?” asked Lowenstein. “The whole game has to be lots of fun. How do you translate the motion of movement that makes sense?”

Lowenstein and others say the video game Dance Dance Revolution — which created a craze in the nation’s arcades and is now popular among video game players at the home — made the industry realize “gamers are willing to experience a game other than in a sitting position.”

With DDR, players facing a video screen, stand on a three-foot square platform with an arrow on each side of the square — pointing up, down, left and right. As an arrow moves to the top of the video screen to the beat of the song, players step on the corresponding arrow on the platform.

More than 1 million copies of DDR’s home version have been sold in the United States since 2001, according to Peter Nguyen, a spokesman at Konami Digital Entertainment-America, which distributes the Japanese-made game in the United States.

Lowenstein also believes the popularity of wireless toys has created “greater potential in disconnecting people from the couch.”
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Subject:MME6 for all you Ohioans
Time:04:29 pm
I heard on the OhioDDR forums, that they were holding some sort of a tourney at Magic Mountain East, in Columbus, Ohio, on August 7th, I believe. Me and my friend Shef and possibly my little sister might go, just to watch, although I might end up competing in standard division. I was just wondering if anyone was going to be there.

Here's a link to the registration thread: http://www.ohioddr.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=857 (which in turn, links to the rules thread)

So If any of you mid-Ohio kids are going to be there, let me know, and I'll see you there! ^_^
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Subject:DDR for the dorm...
Time:02:20 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
okay folks...ive got questions. some of you may remember me if you pay any attention to the other DDR comm's. i bought a tv pad which ended up being a lemon. i returned it and got my money back, thankfully. now i have a killer paying job and a few hundred to spend on this thing so listen up:

first things first...
-should i purchase an XBox or PS? other than DDR ill mostly likely purchase racing games and 007 shoot-em-up type stuff. what would you all suggest i get? please keep in mind questions #2 & 3.

-im living in a dorm with decently noise proof walls & floor/ceilings but i want to be curtious. what is the quietest pad i can get that is of great quality for PS or XBox. it should be able to last a long time.

-lastly, which game should i buy. i heard there is some new stuff coming out for PS. im a beginner pretty much but i want to be able to progress as time goes on. basically, it should have a wide variety of songs at a few different skill levels.

also, if you have any input as to where you think i should order this from (ie. reliable, cheap shipping) you can suggest online places.

pull from experience. your input in greatly appreciated. thanks alot. ~alex
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Subject:Extreme USA info!
Time:10:34 pm

Other information in many other places.

Legend of MAX has also been confirmed, along with some hints that there will be other difficult songs in the game (possibly an exclusive 10, even).

I laugh at all you fools who thought ExtremeUSA was going to suck.

I'm VERY happy just at the inclusion of Do me, Wonderland, Pink Rose, and Kick the Can, among other things (old skool songs liek whut). This is shaping up to be a kickass mix. I can only imagine what songs they're going to surprise us with.
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Subject:best pad for ddr in a 2nd floor apartment?
Time:06:42 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
hi there, i currently own a psone and 2 un-modded soft dance pads that look like this. i had been playing in the basement of my house for almost a year, but i recently moved into a 2nd floor apartment. i would like to continue to play, however i am very worried about disturbing my neighbors below me. we have a thin carpet on the floor, but i know that is not enough to insulate the sound. what would be the quietest pad to use on the 2nd floor? i am not sure that metal pads would do the trick because it would just carry the vibrations from my feet, through the metal pad, through the floor, and down into the apartment below me. i have read on-line about the redoctane dance pad and the redoctane ignition 2.0 pad. i am just not sure what would be best for this situation. please draw from your knowledge and experiences and let me know what you all think would be the best solution.
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Subject:DDR for Dreamcast
Time:12:50 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I'm kicking myself in the butt for not finding this community earlier.
I bought a dreamcast pad of ebay for 35 dollars not knowing that they were still actively selling dreamcast pads at all. Then I find the link on the info of this community...well oh well...at least it was new and not used.


I read this in the info by I just want to make 100% sure,
There are no US DDR for Dreamcast? So if I buy say one of the Dreamcast
DDR games off of ebay or such (most/all claim to be imports), it will not work on my US Dreamcast??
Can somebody help me officilize this please?
Should I just break down and buy a ps2? lol.

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Subject:Drumming DDR.
Time:12:53 am
A friend and I were discussing how I could bring myself to 'Standard'. I wanted to try "Daikenkai" or "Dam Dariram", as they have a strong bass which would help me maintain the song. This led to the question: why is it easier to dance to songs that require alot of stomping?

My friend said that he likes "Sakura" in 'Heavy' mode; he's watched a DDR video where the stomping of the DDR player sounded exactly like Japanese Taito drumming. But I said that "Sakura" itself is mostly Taito drumming. He agreed, but said it was an *accompaniment*.

Then there's songs like "bag", which sounds really cooler when someone's there dancing to it and pounding it in. (And makes the person look like an Irish Riverdancer. ^_^)

Does that mean a DDR player is like a percussionist in an orchestra? A player sort of have to follow the arrows like a musician follows a pre-set orchestral piece of sheet music.

Anyway, I've no musical background aside from occassionally poking at people's pianos to play one-note pieces by ear.
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Subject:DDR Tournament at Trinoc*coN 2004 - July 25th
Time:01:08 pm
The DDR Tournament for Trinoc*con in Durham, NC is on.

We've got sponsorship from Cobalt Flux and Red Octane, we've got the space, the plan, and all the stuff.

Note that the tournament is on SUNDAY, July 25th with prequal starting at noon.

First prize is a Cobalt Flux pad in the Standard and Hard divisions.

Qual will determine which division you go in - you can't be in both.

For updates and other info, check out the Trinoc*con website:


$10 entry fee will cover your tournament fee AND it will get you a day pass to the Con for Sunday. If you have a full weekend pass, you can join the tourney for free!
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Time:02:13 pm
So, I've been playing DDR for about six months now, and I'm mostly playing 7-8 footers. However, I feel what is missing in my dancing is style. A friend recommended that I play more lightly (i.e. on my toes, without letting my heels touch the ground) but that's been rather difficult in terms of keeping my balance. Is this just somethin I have to live with, or is there some other trick to being able to do really speedy songs? Right now the hardest songs I can do are Max 300 (Standard) and Era (Heavy). However, I don't feel that I am doing it particularly elegantly. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to improve my dancing? I went to an arcade recently and watched some guys there, and they were incredible, in that their heels never seemed to touch the ground (and being able to do fairly well, thought not passing, Legend of Max is nothing to be laughed at). Is this what I should aspire towards?
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Current Music:Xpander - Sasha
Subject:DDR Extreme for PS2
Time:02:08 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
DDR Exreme for PS2 is coming out September 22 and I was just wondering if anybody knows where to find the list of songs or any new features. I doubt it will have the same playlist as the one for the arcade machine (6th mix isnt the same as DDR Max, 7th mix isnt the same as DDR Max2, etc), so I just wanted to make sure its a good buy.
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Current Music:my computer "gentle hum"
Subject:defective tv pad
Time:08:28 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
has anyone purchased the DDR TV (no console required) System. I dont have PS or XBox and i think it rediculous to have to buy one just to play DDR. anyway. i finally got one and it a total lemon. the guy at the distributor acted like this happens often when i was on the phone with him. so im bummed. just wondering if thats happened to others.
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Subject:dancing games and the public
Time:08:16 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
i'm sure a lot of people have seen the Sketchers commercial with the guy playing DDR, but has anyone seen the Nike Shox commercial. it seems that "pump it up" has made an appearance on an ad. 2 guys, play against each other, person who wins celebrates with his Nike Shox shoes. what i don't get, is that the background song of the commercial is "V (for extreme)". i don't know for sure if that is also a pump it up song, but wouldn't it make sense to have games stick with their corresponding songs (i.e. "V (for extreme) = DDR" or "pump it up with.... a pump it up song (maybe beethoven's virus, i dunno i dont play pump it up)" ?
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Current Music:true... (Trance Sunrise Mix) - Riyu Kosaka
Subject:DDR on CNN
Time:04:12 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
Apparently, CNN has taken notice of DDR. (Again? I wasn't sure if they had done so a first time... anyone know for sure if they have before?) Here

Apparently though, they think that people are dumb enough to pay $40 for one "plastic" dance pad. (Which I'm assuming is the soft pads) I paid ~$18 for two nice official DDR soft dance pads. Oh well. Just thought I'd share the article.
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Time:08:29 pm
Does anybody know a bountiful source of DDR character wallpapers? I'm talking Akira, or one of the robots in particular. Thanks..
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Subject:Gameboy DS
Time:10:14 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
i was just thinking, the new gameboy DS has two screens, and it has a touch screen, now think of it, the arrows going by on the upper screen and your fingers hitting all the arrows on the lower screen, it's almost too perfect, i have no idea if they're actually going to develop it, but it's just a thought that i had to share.
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Current Music:"Dancer" by Mako
Subject:DDR Storm 4
Time:05:26 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hey everyone. I'd like to introduce myself first off. My name is Joshua Campbell, and I'm known as "TyGeR" to many fellow DDR players. Now down to business.

I'm running a DDR tournament located in Jacksonville, FL called DDR Storm 4, which is to be held on May 28-30, 2004 at the Orange Park Mall. And yes, of course, it is my 4th tournament. If you would like more information on this, here is the official website:


I'm also selling DDR Storm 4 T-Shirts. The following picture is the logo to be displayed on the shirt:

These shirts are $5 ($7 for XXL). The shipping will be $4. if anyone is interested in purchasing a shirt or 2, let me know by commenting or e-mailing me (ddrtyger@yahoo.com).

Peace mofos.
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Subject:finally playing ddr after a 3 month drought...
Time:07:34 pm
Current Mood:surprisedsurprised
so 2day was field trip day at school. our physics class went to 6 flags: great adventure in jackson, NJ. aside from doing activities based on the rides, i remember my friend telling me that at great adventure, then got rid of all the DDR machines (DDRMAX, MAX2, maybe others) due to a profane in word in one of the songs. supposedly a little kid heard this, told his mom, and complained to 6 flags, thus ridding of DDR in great adventure.

today, as i was in line for rolling thunder, i see a DDR machine, "Dance Dance Revolution Megamix" to be exact. i was surprised that they actually had machines available (since my friend told me about DDR being banned @ great adventure). What surprised me even more, was that i haven't heard of "megamix" before. i thought Extreme was the latest. The title art around the screen seemed plain and shoddy, compared to the art around machines like MAX, MAX2, and Extreme. I played, and recognized a song list similar to Extreme.

So has anyone else heard of an incident or a story where a DDR machine was removed from an arcade?

Have i been living in a hole in the ground pertaining to DDR information for the past few months, or is "Megamix" a new upgrade?
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Current Music:Daikenkai /// D D R
Subject:Xbox / Extreme for PS2
Time:06:17 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
I have a few questions about the DDR for Xbox, because I was thinking about buying an Xbox just for that. ::insert pathetic DDR obsessiveness here::

Question 1: Seriously, is it worth it? I mean, I've heard (from generally random people, who are probably not all that trustworthy) that you can download songs/steps off the internet and whatnot. But this seems kind of fake to me, but maybe not.

Question 2: What are some song choices? Do you get some of the stuff from arcade versions such as Extreme? Or do you only get a ton of new crap that nobody's ever heard of before?

Question 3: Are the mats just like the ones for PS1 / PS2? Or are there different controls? And also, can you get metal mats for Xbox? Or is it just like the ones that slip so easily you feel like throwing it out the window because you can never pass a song?

Also, as most of you probably know, Extreme is coming out for PS2 here in the US. I was wondering if anybody has a songlist for it. I know that 'Can't Stop Falling In Love(speed mix)' is on it, but I'm hoping some other songs from the Japanese Arcade version might be on it. (Such as 'Love <3 Shine', 'Daikenkai', 'Candy <3', 'Dam Dariram', 'Speedover Beethoven' and etc.)
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Subject:system data corrupted!?!!?
Time:01:46 pm
Is there any hope of recovering from the dreaded "system data corrupted" screen, or is it basically the final pronouncement of doom? DDRMax2 is the only game I've been playing on my PS2, with an official PS2 memory card that I've had for less than a year...it was working fine yesterday, and as far as I know I didn't do anything weird since then...I watched a DVD (which I do all the time with no problems) but didn't touch the memory card or anything like that, so I have no idea why this should have happened. The only other thing out of the ordinary that happened was that one of my old dance pads stopped working so I switched it out for the other one, but I don't see how that should have had any effect, as they were identical and I played a while with the new pad before this problem happened. Did my memory card just decide to go crazy? I guess it wouldn't be the hugest disaster in the world to start over (in fact, I kind of miss the old thrill of unlocking songs) but I just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss something that would allow me to get the data back. I already tried all the standard no-brainer things like switching the system on and off, taking out and reinserting the memory card, etc...just wondering if there was any other hope I don't know about...
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Subject:These budget games I tell ya...
Time:06:44 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
cut 'cause I thought it was slightly longCollapse )
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Current Music:SMiLE.dk - Petit Love
Time:06:37 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
I could be wrong, but I could've sworn that I saw a commercial for tonight's episode of Malcolm in the Middle with Malcolm's dad trying to play one of those generic versions of DDR that they use in shows so that they don't have to pay for using the game name.

Just wanted to share that with you all just in case you might wanna tune it. It amuses me when I see people playing DDR in a show. The only other ones I can think of off the top of my head are King of the Hill (when the Hills went to Japan, and Bobby played "Dance Party") and during an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Can anyone else think of a time when you saw DDR on TV?
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Current Music:Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamer
Subject:DDR: Behind the Music
Time:11:04 am
This is for those DDR Fans. Behind the Music of DDR ^_^

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