360 Mat Compatibility

I'm sure this question has come up in this community's history before, but perhaps with the times, an actual solution has been found.

I have a metal DDR mat that came with two control boxes--one that is compatible with PS2 and the XBOX, and one that is USB that I'd use on my PC for DWI/StepMania. I'd LIKE to use the mat with my 360 via USB to play Universe (because holy crap it has Plus Tech Squeeze Box), but word on the street is that plugging in any ol' mat to the 360 doesn't cut it. Is there any way to remedy this non-compatibility? I really really really would like to play without having to buy yet another mat that isn't so great.

Doubles with soft pads?

Hi all,

I've been playing for a little over two months now (yeah, I'm a latecomer to DDR) and to give you an idea of where I'm at, I'm able to do pretty much all 7, most 8, and a few 9 footers on Heavy / Expert modes in single mode. I've been mixing it up lately with double mode, and can do 7 footers or so, but my playing situation is far from ideal: right now I have a (cheap crappy) metal pad and a soft one, and I put the rightmost edge of the metal pad on top of the leftmost edge of the soft pad to prevent the soft one from moving (too much). The height difference, though, makes double mode really awkward.

I can't afford two good quality metal pads right now, and I want to get more seriously into doubles. Has anyone had much luck with two soft pads? Maybe stapling them to a piece of plywood to prevent slippage? Any ideas?

Dancing Stage Super Nova on PS2

(I'm in the UK but I think this is the same game as DDR Super Nova).
One of the "EX Showdown" Stellar Master Mode challenges is to complete the Jamiroquai song without using the up or down arrows. Is this possible? I get Perfect on the left and right arrows but that isn't enough to complete the level. Touching up or down fails the level immediately.

I heard that one of the Guitar Hero games has a bug where different songs were released in different territories but the associated scores were not adjusted accordingly, making them too hard or too easy. I wonder if this happened here and its not possible to complete this level at all (you only need to pass four of the five tests so it doesn't ruin the game).

Fayetteville, NC tournament

FAYETTEVILLE/FT. Bragg area competition

All proceeds, besides prizes, will be donated to Music Education and Homeless outreaches for the church.

DDR Supernova Tournament
May 19, 2007 at 5pm
Highland Presbyterian Church
111 Highland Avenue
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Contact for more information:
Brent Shaw

Beginner, Standard, and Heavy Divisions
Players proceed by qualifying rounds.

Cash prizes in addition to other donated prizes (gift certificates, etc.)
Snacks and drinks we'll be available.
$15 entry fee/donation or $10 and a canned good.

The purpose of this event is to raise money/donations for two good causes in a fun way and to bring DDR to a community where NO ARCADE has a DDR machine and is such a need.

No Mods or memory card usage
No picking a song twice in any round.
This event is for fun and for several good causes, please keep that in mind.
Winners of each match (3 songs) will proceed onto the next round.
1st and 2nd place prizes in each division (beginner, standard, expert)
There will be no challenge division this competition.
First song in each match we'll be selected at random, and then by previous winner.
Each person can compete in each division only once, but is allowed to enter each division.

More about this event will be posted later.
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Song help

I'm looking for a specific song, but I can't seem to find it anywhere since I don't know either the bands name and the title of the song D: And I can't remember which game it's from..
But it was this machine, if it helps:

In the song a little girl sings something that sounds like "neko nonda neko nonda neko nonda NYA", and then a man sings it together with her. And a lot of crack.
Both the title of the song and the bands name were written in katakana/hiragana D:

If anybody could send me the song or at least tell what it's original title is I would really appreciate it!
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post-non-DDR-related injuries

I was wondering if any people were still able to play DDR after an injury not relating to DDR. I dislocated my knee at the end of this July and I'm still recovering. Walking okay, but still can't go up and down stairs normally, much less run or jump, obviously. As I've implied, it wasn't an injury relating to DDR. It wasn't even anything exciting: I was just bending over to put a dish in the dishwasher and I guess I turned my knee the wrong way and...well, out it came. Not fun. :(

Well, my question is: How many people have had similar injuries and were able to keep playing? How long after the injury were you able to play again? I've been meaning to ask my physical therapist about it, but it hasn't been bugging me till recently (guess I'm getting the itch to play again). I was just wondering if people who can relate could answer my question.

It'll be a big relief if I can go on playing when I get 110% better (I'm planning on waiting a while and exercising a bit more before I start playing again, just to be extra safe). Thank you in advance to anyone who answers.


Can anyone who owns a RedOctane dance pad unzip it and look at the underside of the top cover for me? Is there a slit kinda in the middle? I've never noticed it before and I'm not sure if my pad ripped. At first I thought it was a rip, but thats a really weird spot, so I'm not sure.

XBOX DDR Quest Mode

I am new to the DDR world == at least the home world, and loving it but I am wondering about the Quest Mode. I can't figure out what exactly I am suppose to be doing. I'm suppose to get 61,000 points but the most I can get is 13,000 and that was after playing continously for about 30 minutes on light. Can I save and go back or do I have to do it all at one time.

Any help would be great. I'm confused.