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Subject:360 Mat Compatibility
Time:10:05 pm
I'm sure this question has come up in this community's history before, but perhaps with the times, an actual solution has been found.

I have a metal DDR mat that came with two control boxes--one that is compatible with PS2 and the XBOX, and one that is USB that I'd use on my PC for DWI/StepMania. I'd LIKE to use the mat with my 360 via USB to play Universe (because holy crap it has Plus Tech Squeeze Box), but word on the street is that plugging in any ol' mat to the 360 doesn't cut it. Is there any way to remedy this non-compatibility? I really really really would like to play without having to buy yet another mat that isn't so great.
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Subject:Doubles with soft pads?
Time:10:56 pm
Hi all,

I've been playing for a little over two months now (yeah, I'm a latecomer to DDR) and to give you an idea of where I'm at, I'm able to do pretty much all 7, most 8, and a few 9 footers on Heavy / Expert modes in single mode. I've been mixing it up lately with double mode, and can do 7 footers or so, but my playing situation is far from ideal: right now I have a (cheap crappy) metal pad and a soft one, and I put the rightmost edge of the metal pad on top of the leftmost edge of the soft pad to prevent the soft one from moving (too much). The height difference, though, makes double mode really awkward.

I can't afford two good quality metal pads right now, and I want to get more seriously into doubles. Has anyone had much luck with two soft pads? Maybe stapling them to a piece of plywood to prevent slippage? Any ideas?
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Subject:Dancing Stage Super Nova on PS2
Time:12:14 am
(I'm in the UK but I think this is the same game as DDR Super Nova).
One of the "EX Showdown" Stellar Master Mode challenges is to complete the Jamiroquai song without using the up or down arrows. Is this possible? I get Perfect on the left and right arrows but that isn't enough to complete the level. Touching up or down fails the level immediately.

I heard that one of the Guitar Hero games has a bug where different songs were released in different territories but the associated scores were not adjusted accordingly, making them too hard or too easy. I wonder if this happened here and its not possible to complete this level at all (you only need to pass four of the five tests so it doesn't ruin the game).
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Subject:Fayetteville, NC tournament
Time:01:09 am
FAYETTEVILLE/FT. Bragg area competition

All proceeds, besides prizes, will be donated to Music Education and Homeless outreaches for the church.

DDR Supernova Tournament
May 19, 2007 at 5pm
Highland Presbyterian Church
111 Highland Avenue
Fayetteville, NC 28311

Contact for more information:
Brent Shaw

Beginner, Standard, and Heavy Divisions
Players proceed by qualifying rounds.

Cash prizes in addition to other donated prizes (gift certificates, etc.)
Snacks and drinks we'll be available.
$15 entry fee/donation or $10 and a canned good.

The purpose of this event is to raise money/donations for two good causes in a fun way and to bring DDR to a community where NO ARCADE has a DDR machine and is such a need.

No Mods or memory card usage
No picking a song twice in any round.
This event is for fun and for several good causes, please keep that in mind.
Winners of each match (3 songs) will proceed onto the next round.
1st and 2nd place prizes in each division (beginner, standard, expert)
There will be no challenge division this competition.
First song in each match we'll be selected at random, and then by previous winner.
Each person can compete in each division only once, but is allowed to enter each division.

More about this event will be posted later.
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Subject:Homebrew DDR Pad Plans
Time:06:24 pm
Does anyone have or know of where I can get plans to make a Homebrew DDR pad out of wood or sheet metal?
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Subject:Disney DDR Plug and Play
Time:01:40 pm
I can see that the graphics are nerfed, but is the gamplay? Because 30$ for a plug and play surely beats circa 100$ for the PS1 game... even If you can't change the pad. Some of the songs were quite hard!!
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Subject:Song help
Time:05:54 pm
I'm looking for a specific song, but I can't seem to find it anywhere since I don't know either the bands name and the title of the song D: And I can't remember which game it's from..
But it was this machine, if it helps:

In the song a little girl sings something that sounds like "neko nonda neko nonda neko nonda NYA", and then a man sings it together with her. And a lot of crack.
Both the title of the song and the bands name were written in katakana/hiragana D:

If anybody could send me the song or at least tell what it's original title is I would really appreciate it!
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Subject:post-non-DDR-related injuries
Time:07:23 pm
I was wondering if any people were still able to play DDR after an injury not relating to DDR. I dislocated my knee at the end of this July and I'm still recovering. Walking okay, but still can't go up and down stairs normally, much less run or jump, obviously. As I've implied, it wasn't an injury relating to DDR. It wasn't even anything exciting: I was just bending over to put a dish in the dishwasher and I guess I turned my knee the wrong way and...well, out it came. Not fun. :(

Well, my question is: How many people have had similar injuries and were able to keep playing? How long after the injury were you able to play again? I've been meaning to ask my physical therapist about it, but it hasn't been bugging me till recently (guess I'm getting the itch to play again). I was just wondering if people who can relate could answer my question.

It'll be a big relief if I can go on playing when I get 110% better (I'm planning on waiting a while and exercising a bit more before I start playing again, just to be extra safe). Thank you in advance to anyone who answers.
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Time:02:48 am
Can anyone who owns a RedOctane dance pad unzip it and look at the underside of the top cover for me? Is there a slit kinda in the middle? I've never noticed it before and I'm not sure if my pad ripped. At first I thought it was a rip, but thats a really weird spot, so I'm not sure.
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Subject:XBOX DDR Quest Mode
Time:01:20 pm
I am new to the DDR world == at least the home world, and loving it but I am wondering about the Quest Mode. I can't figure out what exactly I am suppose to be doing. I'm suppose to get 61,000 points but the most I can get is 13,000 and that was after playing continously for about 30 minutes on light. Can I save and go back or do I have to do it all at one time.

Any help would be great. I'm confused.
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Current Location:Not DDRing. *sniffle*
Subject:I have a question~
Time:03:53 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Hello! As the subject states, I have a question...

I was playing DDR Extreme 2 for PS2, and was fooling around in the shop, looking for something new to buy with my excess of points, and bought the 'Butterfly Custom Arrows' (Something like that.) Now I can't make my arrows look normal! I thought there would be some way to switch them on and off, but apparently no luck.
does anyone know how to make the arrows normal again? Any help would be much appreciated. :D

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Current Music:Some industrial stuff. O_o
Subject:Dance Pads
Time:01:37 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
I'm looking for some reasonably priced metal pads. And I was looking around and found this site.


does anybody know if this site is any good or where I should be looking?
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Time:10:25 pm
Has anyone had any experinece with buying pads from DDRcity.com? My mom just ordered me this pad for the Playstation, and they sent the wrong pad, I think...it's supposed to come with a "control box", but it didn't. It has a cord with a connection to a 15 pin computer connetor thingy. Is that piece supposed to connect to the control box (which they didn't send)? Or did they scam me?
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Subject:Email Email Revolution!
Time:06:39 pm
Microsoft makes emails fun!

EDIT: Should have made a joke about 'Stepmail-nia', or something similar XD
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Subject:SuperNova details
Time:10:17 pm
In response to the post earlier about DDR/DS Supernova, I have a few more details courtesy of UKStep members Dancefreak and Tsugaru03 who were the first two people in the WORLD to play the new mix:

Details behind cut!Collapse )

Also, a couple of videos of the new MaxX song:

Fantastic MaxX video #1
Fantastic MaxX video #2

I'd credit someone for them, but I don't know who shot them. I think it was someone from DDRUK
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Subject:Update on DDR SuperNova
Time:06:50 pm
Apparently, the main moderator of DDRUK.com (DarloJo) received an email from ATEI (the gaming convention in London that will be showing Dancing Stage SuperNova for the arcades tomorrow) that said the following:

Come dancing with Konami at ATEI
This week, Japanese gaming firm Konami is bringing the latest machine in its Dance Stage series to ATEI. Dancing Stage Supernova features over 250 music tracks as well as a series of new licensed tunes and enhanced graphics.

The US release of SuperNova WILL be sharing the same songlist as the European release, so we will also be getting 250+ songs on the new arcade mix! That's at least 11 more songs that what DDR Extreme AC had!
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Subject:Intro; choreographed dance formation to DDR music
Time:03:57 pm
Hi! I'm Neil... I'm a grad student at Caltech, and I've been playing DDR off-and-on for the past 4-5 years. Each year at Caltech we have a dance show, where many of the different dance groups on campus perform choreographed dance routines. Despite (or because of?) being a hardcore nerd school, we have a surprisingly large number of people who enjoy ballroom/latin/social dancing (and DDR!).

This year some of us (8-10 couples) actually decided to use a couple of songs from DDR for our routine: Moonlight Shadow (from 5th Mix) and Heaven (from DDRMAX2?). The dance style we're using is called Ceroc, a partner dance which is sort of like swing and salsa, and tends to work very well with DDR music. Since the dance style is Ceroc, we've tentatively titled our performance "Ceroc Ceroc Revolution." ;) We were considering working dance pads and/or DDR steps somehow, but it looks like we probably won't do that.

We've just started practicing and some of the choreography still needs to be worked out, but it looks like we'll start off dancing in black trenchcoats during Moonlight Shadow, with all the guys falling to the ground in the transition and revealing bright white shirts for Heaven.

The dance show will be in April, and I'll be sure to post a video of it when it's available! If some of your are curious as to what the dance might look like, there's some older videos here (particularly one from the 2003 dance show).

On a marginally related note, does anybody happen to have lossless copies of Moonlight Shadow and Heaven? We'd like to have perfect copies for our performance, and I'm a little hesitant to purchase two 2-CD sets just to get a couple of songs. I'm particularly concerned about Heaven, since it doesn't seem to be on the DDRMAX2 import soundtrack.
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Subject:eBay pads
Time:12:43 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
I've been playing DDRMAX2 casually for about a year now, mostly for exercise, and I'm still a Light player without any mad skillz. =P

When I first got the game, I didn't want to burn a lot of money, so I got the cheapest pads off of eBay that I could (no foam). My biggest problem with them is that they slide all over the carpet, but that's more of a carpet problem than a pad problem ... I've not had any issues with the controls otherwise. (And my entire apartment except for kitchen and bathrooms is carpeted, so I can't tape it to the floor or anything like that.)

Since I thought I'd step up and get better pads in hopes of lessening the carpet slippage and saving wear on my feet/legs, I've been looking around in various communities and forums for advice. I hear the same names over and over again: Cobalt Flux, Red Octane, Level Six, BNS, and of course Konami.

And also the general consensus is that any no-brand pad from eBay must be avoided like the Black Death.

My question is, why? I'd like to hear from someone who has actually USED and been disappointed by an eBay pad and gone to one of the more expensive name-brands. Everyone who has trashed eBay pads has never given any reasons. They look awfully similar. Could it be a case of the same product just being marked up for the name?

If I'm just going to be a occasional and casual user, maybe maxing out at 5 footers with no desire to do 8 or higher, would an eBay pad be OK? I just can't justify spending over $100 on a couple of dance pads if I'm not truly serious.

EDIT: I am not considering metal pads at this time, due to space restrictions.
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Subject:|| Issue playing DDR EX2 Online... ||
Time:03:51 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Well, I logged on alright, everything was going swelluntil I tried to connect to an oponent.

I keep getting an error along the lines of request timed out, could not connect to oponent... I've seen ONE other person with this issue, but everyone else seems to be able to play just fine.

Any idea what I may have done wrong? Anyone else having this happen to them?

I am SO frustrated! I want to play so bad!
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Subject:ddr extreme/endless mode question
Time:10:46 am
Okay.. I'm playing DDR Exterme, Endless Mode, on workout mode with the game over setting turned off (so I can't just fail the song). Normally I'd just turn it off without saving, but since I'm in workout mode I'd like to save my progress.

How the hell do I quit the game?!

I'm sure this is a stupid question but I can't seem to figure it out. heh Thanks. :P
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Subject:Few questions
Time:03:14 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
Hi, I'm new to the community and sorta new to DDR. I've been playing in the arcades for about 2 months now, I've just started playing Light. Yeah I'm still low level, but hey everyone was there at some point right?

I was just going to ask what you all would reccomend for a home pad compatible with a ps2. In about a month i'll have a considerable amount I'm willing to spend (yaaay frivolous use of tax returns!) so I pretty much am open to anything. I've looked at many different pads, but I want to know what the general consensus is among the players. Are the Champion and Ion pads at DDRGame.com worth the money? I'm looking for a durable pad that'll take a lot of abuse and not slip, one that has a good feel under my feet. I know some of you have probably done some modding to the traditional soft pads, by taping them to wood or adding wood inserts into the pads that zip open.

Sorry if these are noob questions, I'm just curious, and I'm becoming a DDR nut very quickly, so I want something I know I will like, and will last.
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Subject:DDR for XBox 360?
Time:04:33 am
Ok with the release of the xbox 360 and it being back compatible has anyone heard of a pad or adpater that will allow people who have the ulremix series to play on the 360 or hook up a existing home pad to it?
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Subject:Missing Max music
Time:10:14 pm
So i just busted out DDRMax (1) for the PS2 after having neglected it for quite a while (i'm a sucker for Extreme 8th mix on my HD Loader). The thing is, when i'm selecting songs, the music doesn't play. Just eerie silence, and the sound effects of songs being cycled through For that matter, when i'm selecting single/vs, difficulty, and so forth, no music either. Playing a stage is perfectly normal.

I;ve tried changing all sorts of settings, including all three of the announcer settings, but nothing's worked.

Has anybody had a problem like this, and if so, do you know how to fix it? (If you HAVEN'T had this problem but still know how to fix it, i'd like to hear from you, too)

The upswing to all this is that Max had some GREAT songs i'd forgotten about (and i can finally pass lots of the 9 footers!)
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Subject:Health risks?
Time:11:16 pm
My girlfriend is a personal trainer, and she was horrified the other day to watch me play DDR at the arcade. She says the way I play is really bad for your leg and foot bones (what with all the stomping), and may also damage your spine, too. I wonder if she's right, because even one of the best players in this state wears a leg brace now.

I've been playing for almost 3 years, but I never thought about quitting before. Are the health risks of DDR really that serious?
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Subject:Captain Jack dies at age 43.
Time:02:50 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
BERLIN (Reuters) - Cuban-born dance music artist Franky Gee, better-known to his European fans as "Captain Jack," has died of a brain haemorrhage while in Spain, German media reported on Saturday. He was 43.

In a 10-year career that began in 1995, the former U.S. soldier and one-time German stock broker sold more than 7 million albums and singles, earning 19 gold and platinum discs with titles like "Drill Instructor" and "Soldier, Soldier."

Gee was born in Cuba in 1962 as Francisco Gutierrez. His parents emigrated to Miami when he was a child. He later joined the U.S. army, ending up in Germany, where he stayed from 1988 holding a variety of jobs before entering the music business.


I've always associated his music with DDR. May he rest in peace. ~_~
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Time:11:39 am
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Which modifiers do you use (if any) and on what particular songs/difficulties? Is using Solo "frowned upon" in any way? It's how I've managed to pass many Maniac/Heavy songs, and I've stuck with Solo ever since.
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Subject:New Controller Question
Time:01:42 pm
I live in the 3rd floor of an apartment and since I play on heavy/challenging, my stomping can be heard from the neighbors below. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Also, I have to do a senior design project with a group of four. I want to make a DDR/ITG controller that uses the hands in some way shape or form. But one team member doesn't think this idea is innovative enough - there are products out there that uses the hands. I looked and the only game controller I found like this was: Drummania, Beatmania, that guitar game, and donkey Kong game. I want something to specifically play with DDR/ITG.

My idea is something similar to the Drummania controller but might contain
1.) A way to switch from four pads to eight (single play to double).
2.) Hopefully a way to position the pads to the user's liking but not move during game play. The typical visual order would be 'left', 'up', 'down', 'right'. But someone might want something different. Or have each pad (button) be able to physically repositioned. I might want the pads to be straight and aligned while someone else might want them to be curved a little around them - like a drum set.
3.) Wireless

Lets say I made a pad like this, do you think this would be innovative or a cool idea? Is there anything on the market like this? Are there any patents of something like this? Suggestions?
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Subject:Fixing Steel Pads
Time:02:11 pm
Hey just joined. Been playing about a year, on Heavy/Oni and I can double AA a few songs (no Triples), and my current project would be trying to pass Cartoon Heroes on heavy (rather have to so since I am awful with cross overs/most turning *emotear*). I live in Santa Cruz, CA, in the United States. Now onto the actual post.

Last christmas I got 2 steel pads, one of them is doing fine, for the most part (minor screw ups that I can deal with as they come up). The other is in much worse shape. I thought the problem might be that the foam was crushed (which is was) so I replaced it. The Up/Right arrows work fine, but the Down/Left still have problems (I will land roughly 1/5 steps). So I think the problem might be the sensors beneath the arrows. Does anyone know a good way to fix those, or perhaps just buy new sensors? I really want to avoid outright buying a new pad (these were not cheap -_-).

Any help would be Much apprechiated.
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Subject:Beating the 2-year plateau
Time:07:34 pm
Hi all! I'm a most 8/easy 9 footer DDR'er in the arcades and finally after 2 years of plateau (hardest song I can do is "Dead End" and that's a hit & miss sometimes too) I finally got some progress again, passing Healing Visino (Angelic Mix), Rhythm and Police, and others. No, not the super-hard 9s (let alone 10s), but at least I'm not stuck playing Dead End, Era, and Kakumei.

My "secret"? A month ago, I started doing daily cardio-aerobic exercises outside of DDR (about 20-25 minutes a day) and some toning too--tho I'm sure it's the cardio exercises that help me keep the steam to finish some of the more intense songs.

Anyhoo, lookin' forward to doing better at more & maybe even try an ITG machine (which curiously have been eluding me in the L.A. area)
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Subject:DDR Dilema
Time:10:13 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I've been playing DDR for a while, mainly at friends house. However, at the beginning of this year, my parents bought me a PS2 and i purchased 2 VORTZ Dance Pads and DDR EXTREME bundle from ebay (gotta love it). After ripping apart my pads with my dad and trying to fix them, they are officially dead.

ok so on to my problem (which im sure all you smart people have figured out by now), i am clueless to where to go next. I have been doing research, but am being pulled in many directions. I am deciding between RedOctane Ignition 2.0, RedOctane Ignition 3.0, and Cobalt Flux. I'm not sure which to go for. I've heard many good things about the Cobalt Flux, however i have heard many people say you cant feel the location of arrows. This has scared me a little.

My friend has 2 of the RedOctane Ignition 2.0, she has had them since christmas (8 months about) and they are pretty good condition. Im wondering about the 3.0 tho, is the only new feature the fact that it can hook to Xbox?? (oh another reason i might like a RedOctane, USB hookup, go stepmania!!) Any real difference in the pad?

I have had a job this summer, (earning $9 an hour), so im pretty sure money isnt an issue.........its more like, my parents. I think they would be pretty skeptical about me buying a $300 pad, with shipping means $350. Also (since there is no way that i'd pay $650+), i wouldnt be able to play doubles, which is always fun. I'm sure i could easily get a good deal on ebay for 2 RedOctane Ignitions.

Any feedback? as in personal experience?
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Subject:DDR Extreme 2 Partial Songlist!
Time:05:46 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy

Oh yeah.
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Subject:cobalt flux
Time:06:58 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
Hey everyone. I'm new. I've been playing DDR for awhile, but have never bought a new pad. I've been using the default one that came with DDRMAX. It's wearing out under a lot of heavy mode play, and because it's my only source for exercise, I don't want to waste money on a crappy, substandard pad. I've been looking into buying a Cobalt Flux.

I'm wondering if there's a kind of adapter that would be compatible with an Apple laptop computer (12" Powerbook with Tiger). Well, also, if there are any decent converters for Xbox. I googled some of this information, but I'd rather have an actual person give me answers and share experiences.

Thanks for the help.
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Subject:making a triple a
Time:09:31 pm
Current Mood:moodymoody
I am starting to wonder if it is possible to make a triple a. I have been trying to do this for so long, even in light mode. i got all perfects and greats. wtf am i doing wrong?!

so my question is this: whats the secret to making triple a's?
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Subject:DDR - Dance Dance Revolution
Time:10:14 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
It feels great. I've been out of shape from sitting down all day in front of the computer and I came home to play DDR in the workout mode . I worked out for 30 minutes and burnt ~240 kCal. I need to do this every night and I'm thinking I could loose 80 lbs!

I wanted to ask if anyone has used the eye toy for workout? I was thinking of buying one because I'd like to work out my arms. I hope more games like this come out where exercise is combined with fun and excitement.
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Subject:Petition against Konami's lawsuit
Time:11:52 am
I have begun a petition drive against Konami's lawsuit against Roxor Games, RedOctane and Mad Catz.

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Current Music:Apoptygma Berzerk - Burnin' Heretic
Subject:Dance Dance Immolation
Time:11:31 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
So you think you've mastered Dance Dance Revolution?

Take it to the next level and play DANCE DANCE IMMOLATION!

click here for a 1.5 MB animated set of 15 speed-shot
photos of Zac Smith vs. a flamethrower

More details (from the website):

Dance Dance Immolation is an adaptation of the popular arcade video game Dance Dance Revolution, but with fire! Basically, you play DDR; when you do well, the computer shoots big propane blasts up into the air. When you do poorly, it shoots you in the face with flamethrowers.
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Subject:DDR Extreme 2
Time:10:58 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Has anyone seen this yet, and if so, are they as excited about it as I am? =)

(More news here.)
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Subject:Dance Till Tomorrow 1st Mix, 6/11/05 Lakewood CO, Sponsored by Red Octane
Time:12:52 am
Dance Till Tomorrow 1st Mix
extras = mods
For the score, goods will not be counted
Actual prizes have not yet been determined
Tourney rules have been changed a bit. Thanks takumi, for the help.
A few of the prizes have been added

Sponsored by Red Octane
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Registration starts at 10:00 A.M. Tourney starts at 11:00 A.M., and goes till 8:00
P.M., unless we finish early.

Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood Campus
13300 W. 6th Avenue
Lakewood CO 80228
In the Den, on the West end of the Building

$7.00 at the door
$5.00 for Pre-Registered
RRCC Students get in free with up to date student ID.

Pre-Reg info:
If you would like to Pre-Register for this Tournament, e-mail me at chancefordestiny@yahoo.com with your First and Last name, as well as your DDR Handle. This will merit you the Pre-Reg Price.

Version used:
Ps2 with DDR Max, DDR Max2, and DDR Extreme, hooked up to a huge theater system.

Tournament Info:
At 11:00, we will begin the tournament by announcing the judges, what they will be judging, as well as the sponsor and how many contestants we have.
After that, we will begin the Preliminary Round. This will consist of two contestants, chosen randomly, at a time. They will play two songs, both chosen by the judges. Each contestant will choose their level of difficulty, and will be able to choose what mods they prefer.

After the round is over, the judges will take a top percentage of the contestants(to be determined by how many overall contestants there are), and break them down into three levels: Light, Standard and Heavy.

From there, the Light Round will begin. Two Contestants will be chosen randomly at a time, to do a three song set, all on Light Mode. All songs will be chosen randomly, but each player will still be able to choose the mods that are best suited for them.

After that, Standard Round will begin, and Heavy Round after that. The same rules will apply for each, except the Standard Round Contestants will play on Standard Mode, and Heavy Round Contestants will play on Heavy Mode.

After the final Round, the scores will be announced, and the prizes will be awarded.

The Contestants will be scored by the following formula:
Perfects(x2) + Greats + Okays = Score

There will be the following awards:
1st Place Light Mode (Came in first in the Light Round)
1st Place Standard Mode (Came in first in the Standard Round)
1st Place Heavy Mode (Came in first in the Heavy Round)
2nd Place Heavy Mode (Came in second in the Heavy Round)
3rd Place Heavy Mode (Came in third in the Heavy Round)
Special Award (To be announced during the Award Ceremony)
3 RedOctane Ignition Pads(supplied by Red Octane) for the 1st place winners. Other prizes will be added at a later time. Depeding on how many contestants there are, I'll give a cash prize as well to all winners.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or e-mail me at chancefordestiny@yahoo.com. I hope to see you there!
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Subject:Cobalt Flux or RedOctane's Afterburner?
Time:06:58 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
After tiring of my Kanomi soft pad that came with my initial DDRMax2 purchase (the Back arrow refuses to work unless used in combination with another arrow), I am in the market for a new pad. The Cobalt Flux is allegedly the "best" pad on the market, however, I see that RO is prepping to release a hard pad of their own. The Afterburner is cheaper, and RO does have a good track record for making decent pads. I'm concerned that the Afterburner will have the usual array of first-gen equipment glitches. Then again, it *is* cheaper.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aside from brand, the primary difference is that one has raised arrows and one has recessed arrows. I have never played DDR at an arcade or with shoes (grippy slipper socks are my friends), and thus have no inclinations one way or another. What would be better for gameplay? Go with the established wet dream, or try the newcomer?

Thoughts, commentary, clever insults, and advice are welcome.
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Subject:DDR for Linux!
Time:08:59 pm
I found an awesome DDR clone the other day while browsing through Synaptic packages. It's called PyDance and (as suggested by the name) was done with Python. You can check out the main site here.

I'm still not too sure how to go about downloading more songs/dance files for it though. The basic package came with 3 songs (1's a basic, 1 does like light and normal, and the other does like heavy and extreme). Even though there are only 3 songs (and only 2 are worth playing) it's still pretty fun!



Okay, so I didn't realize Stepmania worked for linux.  I'll have to check that one out.  I loved it for Wintrash, so I'm hoping for close to the same deal for Linux.
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Subject:If you still play at the arcade...
Time:07:59 pm
If you still play at the arcade, you should take the time to check out this neato site. Record keeping, challenges, and pretty much all of the jazz that NNR had until it went down forever. Very nice. Of course, it's easy it's easy for me to think that because I built it and do all the heavy lifting in running it, but I also believe this because I'm satisfied with the work I've done on it and I'm a very picky man indeed. I just wish I did it all a few years earlier when more people cared.

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Subject:Transitioning from playing at home to playing in the arcades.
Time:01:04 am
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Hello! I've been playing DDR at home for a year-and-a-half now, and I use foam Red Octane pads. At home, I can AA 8-foot single mode songs and generally get C's on 9-foot songs, but at the arcade, I'm lucky if I can pass 5-foot songs. My biggest troubles in the transition from home play to arcade play are that I'm not used to the metal pads (the bolts, bars, and close proximity to other players), my feet feel weighted down by wearing shoes (and the added traction makes it difficult for me to slide my foot over the pads), plus I have to seriously stomp in order to get the pads to register my steps (which slows me down considerably, since I'm used to being gentle and simply transferring my weight on my pads at home). I understand that practicing in arcade conditions will help me with 90% of my problems, but it's the lack of sensitivity on the arcade machines that is my biggest frustration--double jumps and freezes are impossible because it doesn't sense me at all, etc. I've had this problem with three arcade machines now. I weigh 130lbs, surely it should work better than that!

So my question is this: Are these common concerns, or are my local DDR machines just in bad shape? Do you have to stomp like hell in order to have the arcade pads sense you?
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Subject:Question: overly sensitive mats?
Time:10:25 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
I've looked in the memories and couldn't find anything on this, but I'm sorry if it has been posted before.

First of all, I play the Playstation version of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Konamix, I've only been playing (regularly) since January so I don't have a lot of fancy equipment nor do I need it. All the mats I've used have been Intec (the fourteen dollar ones you can buy at Toys R Us); I play for an hour or two each night.

The problem is, my mats keep breaking (they're not unresponsive, the complete opposite - they're super sensitive, I don't have to so much as have my foot on an arrow before the whole game goes haywire). I had my first mat for about a month before it broke. The one I have now I've had for about two weeks and it's already ruined. I don't step hard and I'm very light, however I have a carpeted floor and tend to slide around a lot - is it perhaps because the wires are shifting? The one I currently have was working fine until a few nights ago when I decided to go through the whole game and play every song, maybe I'm just playing too much and over heating the wires? Or is it something I'm doing? And would securing a mat to a sheet of wood or something hard help?

I can't afford to keep buying new mats, and I can't afford to buy a (much) more expensive mat.

I'm only curious as to why my mats keep going haywire and how to prevent it. I'm sorry if this is out of sorts, and thanks for any help.
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Time:06:01 pm
how long, on average, does a red octane dance pad last?
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Subject:Using the bars.
Time:07:43 pm
I've noticed that some of the best DDR players use the bars when they play. This brings up a couple interesting questions.

1: Do they solely play at arcades, pouring hundreds of dollars worth of quarters into the machines, or do they spend thousands of dollars on an arcade machine for their home, or what? Because I've seen it posted that if you buy the Dancepads with the bars for your home, the weight of the pads aren't enough to stay upright if you put all your weight on them. So yeah, how do they practice?

2: How does one do turns while using the bar? Do they double tap with one foot? For example, how do they pull off Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) while using the bar?

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Time:11:20 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I looked in the memories, but the entry on crossovers didn't really explain what they are. I understand it's a technique used by advanced players to make long stretches of fast notes easier, but I'm not sure what it is exactly. Is it when you force your feet to act in sequence? As in, never hit with the same foot twice in a row to maximize effeciency? Thanks in advance.
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Subject:DDR in the Gym
Time:08:52 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
Last night on my local news in CT they mentioned that an elementary school has implemented a new gym program, where students can choose either a traditional workout plan (using exercise machines and sports) OR, to play DDR. People at the school were praising the idea, saying how it is a good alternative to those who may not be open to machine equipment. Too bad they didn't have such a thing at MY school, but then again the closest we had to DDR was that old workout game that they had for the old Nintendo, which they sure as hell weren't going to use (and I sure as hell wouldn't have used even if it was offered.) And they were using the Octane pads also, as opposed to just the pads the game came with. Think this'll catch on elsewhere? I'll try to post a link to the news story if they post it online, or if you want to check yourself go to www.nbc30.com.
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Subject:Cobalt Flux & StepMania on OS X
Time:04:02 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
I ordered a Cobalt Flux yesterday, and while I have a PS2, I also have a 15" 1.25 GHz PowerBook G4 with StepMania on it. Now, I looked on the forums of CobaltFlux.com, and found a number of things about adapter compatability with StepMania and the Cobalt Flux. However, I haven't been able to find anything about adapters that work on a computer that is not running Windows XP. So my question is fairly simple. What adapter should I get in order to let my Cobalt Flux work in StepMania on my laptop running OS X?
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Subject:Pad storage?
Time:05:12 am
Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a pair of RedOctane Ignition 2.0 pads to play at home (my girlfriend and I are complete n00bs to DDR) as an effort to get a little bit of exercise 3-5 times a week.

My only problem, now, is storing the pads when they're not in use. My ultimate goal is to move the PS2, a TV, the pads, and a stereo downstairs into the basement, where I can leave them more or less in-place.

Right now, though, they are in my bedroom, which also has a large TV, a desk, my bed, and a small couch. As you can probably imagine, it's getting a bit cramped.

I thought about buying a pair of carrying cases and disassembling them after each use, but that sort of violates the "easily accessible" motivator for this exercise thing I'm working on. If I can just drag the mat out and power up the PS2, I'm much more likely to play for an hour or so than if I have to spend 10 minutes unpacking and assembling the pad(s), only to spend another 10 minutes disassembling and repacking the pads.

They don't seem to stand on-edge very well (and I'm afraid of warping the foam core), so propping them up against the closet or the side of the TV seems to be a non-option. I've also considered raising the couch several inches to allow room to slide them underneath for storage, but then I have to figure out how to deal with cables.

Surely I'm not the only one with this situation. Any help? Thanks.
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Subject:Fate of the DDR community
Time:06:08 pm
Current Mood:distressedconcerned
Hey everyone, now I don't want this post to be taken the wrong way or anything, I myself am not necesarily a hard core gamer - DDR is about the only thing I really play. However from being at arcades and hanging out with people who play in several areas I have realized that there is a generic type of person that plays DDR. Granted there is no one set of charcteristics, but we as DDR community are connected by the undergound world of this game.
Well it seems the fate of the DDR world is now in question. I was channel surfing the other day and noticed that there is now a commercial for DDR (and karaoke) that airs frequently on MTV, basicaly making the point that DDR is "the way to have a party." I also saw the game make a breif appearance on the pop WB show Gilmore Girls, and another primetime teen-drama (which I don't know the name of). All this new targeting, and PR for the game is surely going to bring in a whole new type of player. In keeping an open mind I can't say whether this will be for better or worse, but I can say that I am worried about DDR becoming a pop-culture fad and breaking down much of the game's privitazed allure. But who knows perhaps this will do it good?
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