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Community for players / performers of the Konami's Beamani series games, Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage, Andamiro's Pump It Up, Roxor's In The Groove, and other rhythm games to discuss games, techniques, issues, and the like. Read the FAQ below and do not post any of the items listed.

Most of the PSX DDR games are Imports from Japan with copy protection, so you need an import machine to play them.

The best home sfot pads are Konami's DDR DX pads, but they're pretty expensive. A good second option are the RedOctane pads, which perform very well and are much more affordable. Otherwise, lots of products are available on eBay. As for home hard pads, CobaltFlux pads are also very good.

Locations of machines, step charts, and most other answers can be found at DDRFreak or ITG Freak.

Post personal accomplishments (this includes introductions) in your own journal, not here. Surveys also belong in your own journal, not here.

"Me too" posts are not appreciated, use comments in the original post instead - this includes followup posts for 'updates' to your original post - edit the original post instead.

Do not ask for favorite machine/song/mix/etc. There have been plenty of posts on those topics already.

There are plenty of other places to get stepmania, bemaniadx, mame, mp3, and other sim/emulator files. Use google or other sites to find them, do not ask here.

This is an international journal, so locations should be specific - "The Tilt in Albequerque, NM USA" not just "Tilt."

Check the memories for this community for your question before asking.

Any post which you think might start out with "this is off topic, but..." or "this has probably already been asked..." or "my last post got deleted..." or "I'm too lazy to look..." you should not post.

All posts must have descriptive subjects.

If you use execssive language, spam this community, disredgard the items posted here, or otherwise misbehave, you will be banned without warning and your post will be deleted.

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